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I've been following the MSCHF crew since their #16 drop, the MSCHF box, but they've been on my radar since I first saw their astrological investing app, Bull & Moon. They've done some pretty fascinating projects, including: High Off Life, Severed Spots, and Donate 2x.

This post was inspired by MSCHF's latest "drop", Finger on the App, which they've teamed up with MrBeast for, this time, as well as this tweet from Blake Robbins (@blakeir). I saw the tweet in my timeline, and I kept meaning to take note of the companies, after seeing a few that I was already familiar with. I decided since these companies were interesting to me, they might be interesting to other people also.

Cool Brands You May Not Have Heard Of

This list is a combination of companies/brands I was already familiar with, combined with many from the above-mentioned tweet/comments (like this comment from @julian_eison), random articles, wikipedia pages, and The Chernin Group portfolio (which was also a lead I picked up from @blakeir in that tweet thread).

These are social media influencers, content creators, clothing, tech, media, music, news, and entertainment companies, esports organizations, talent managers, blogs, and art projects. These companies are pushing the boundaries of music, art, fashion, technology, social media, and culture. I believe all of these brands are worth paying attention to. There's probably plenty of names that seem like they shouldn't be here, and definitely tons more that should be here.

Also, it is what it is. 👁👄👁

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Influencer Groups

I don't have a clue what to call these, so influencer groups it is. These are basically groups of friends/influencers/content creators that create videos together, often living in a single mansion together, or near each other.

Honorable Mention

These are companies/brands you are probably already familiar with, or don't quite fit somewhere above. These are major players making waves in their respective industries.

Why You Should Care

According to the 2018 Digital Future Report, Americans spend about 22.5 hours per week online, and that number has been steadily increasing since the year 2000, when the first report was published, when that number was at 9.4 hours per week. As people spend more time online, they're going to have more time to consume content, which will only create a bigger demand of content and content creators, and it's already happening. These brands, influencers, and companies have millions of followers and their videos and content is seen by millions more every day.

Cambridge Analytica was one such company that used the internet and psychology to manipulate voters in elections across several years and in several countries, affecting millions of people. This is the same company behind the famous Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, where Cambridge Analytica was found to have harvested the data of millions of Facebook users without their consent, for use in political advertising campaigns.

And there's a reason why an Instagram account called FUCKJERRY is on this list. Besides having millions of followers on Instagram and getting millions of plays per video, it appears they also posted sponsored ads for the Bloomberg 2020 presidential campaign, along with several other accounts.

Remember that MSCHF company I mentioned earlier, and how they have worked with FUTURE, Damien Hirst, and recently MrBeast? They started out doing nontraditional ad campaigns for Casper and Target, before focusing more on their own ideas and projects. MrBeast has also made quite a reputation for teaming up with partners and brands to promote them, including promoting for Honey, Apex Legends, and more.

Twitch streamers can make up to eight thousand dollars for an hour of streaming a game as part of an advertisement, using Twitch's Bounty Board program. Let's also not forget when some streamers got into an argument over losing $140,000 for a paid Madden 2020 ad.

The amount of money flying around in all these networking companies and brands is enough to make your head spin! If you're looking for an alternative to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram ads, just look at some of the examples listed above. Many of the companies listed on this page would be happy to take your money and show your product or service off to their followers, or help you develop your own brand.


If you aren't paying attention to influencers, live-streamers, and meme marketers, that's fine. But your competitors might be, and so are millions of other people. There's more people and companies to help you go viral now than ever before, and it might be wise to think about how to use them to your advantage or follow in some of their footsteps.

Please shoot me a DM on Twitter @rickjerrity if you think I'm missing some relevant companies/brand/influencers, which I no doubt am, and I'll edit this post to add them. I don't plan to add everything, and this list has probably already grown too much, but I'd love to see some cool stuff I missed.